Economics and Personal Finance

The overall local economy is doing well.

In a typical month, how difficult is it for you to cover your expenses?

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37.6% of respondents said they do not make enough to save for the future. Additionally, 21.8% said they do not make enough to cover their family’s needs, and 21.9% said they need to work more than one job to meet their basic needs.

Do you make enough money to save for the future?

Meeting basic needs?

There are enough well-paying jobs in my community.

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In interviews and focus groups, participants questioned whether the National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) will be a boon to economic and community development or will tax the current infrastructure.

Property taxes are reasonable.

No Answer: n=585

Sales taxes are reasonable.

No Answer: n=521

Participants of interviews and focus groups had concerns about decreased enrollment at K-State impacting the local economy as well as high rents and the influx of “big box” stores contributing to the loss of small businesses.

Note: Neighborhood data cannot be presented for the East and West Campus neighborhoods due to the low rate of response.